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Marc "Spud" Bartley is the owner of Nutrition Warehouse, an independant supplement shop in Columbia, SC. There are 4 locations: Forest Acres, Lexington, Boozer Shopping Center and Northeast Columbia. Marc has over 30 years of training experience - many as a world class competitive powerlifter. He has been using supplements to enhance his workouts for many years and hopes to help all of our customers find the proper combination of supplements to fit their goals.


Monster Cycle for Dry/Lean Gains


Team NutHouse, I just finished a run of: Extinction (chaotic labs) for 20 days(1 bottle), Epidrol 30 days, a-hd by bpi for 28 days. I just started PCT of Diesel Test Hardcore + Metabotest. My goal was to lean out, but keep a ‘dry, hard’ look. I did not keep my diet that tight, so I did not get as lean as I wanted, but I did notice a nice increase in size overall. I want to plan out my next ‘cycle’. Goal is a lean gain, emphasis on lean. Would like to look very dry/hard by May 2012. Any thoughts? Thank you, Leon


Hey Leon, Ok if I calculated correctly, you will need to wait till the end of January to give the full 3 months off. This leaves Feb, March, April and May and there are a couple ways to do this

First you can do a straight 6 to 8 weeks cycle and then pct. But this way will still leave you with a month plus to go off. Another suggestion and this is a different way to do it and it will be harder on your system but you will have breaks to recover and still take PCT during. Now what I am suggesting is unorthodox but in my opinion it takes into account the body’s natural adaptation periods of 2 to 3 weeks. Here is what I think would be a great cut run

-3 weeks Razordrol at 3 caps per day

-2 weeks off with GS Supplements PCT or Myopharma Aremedexin PCT

-3 weeks Halostorm at 3 caps per day

-2 weeks GS Supplements PCT or Myopharma Aremedexin PCT

3 weeks DMZ LOAD/ at 3 caps with GenX Labs Winabol at 2 to caps per day.

You will have a week or two at the end in May where I would go with bpi a-hd for 45 to 60 days and The Beast SuperTest or Diesel Test Pro-Cycle again for 30 days for PCT.

Some call this a blast and coast type of cycle. This is my version. I think you will make constant decreases in Body Fat and harden up well. Of course it will depend greatly on your diet and cardio regime. You may include some fat burners along the way too. I would run them in 2 to 3 week spurts too to keep effectiveness higher.

Keep a journal and let me know how it goes. Thanks, Marc


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Fat Loss for a US Navy Hospital Corpsman


Hello Spud, I am a 14 year US Navy Hospital Corpsman and I just ordered a neck strap from you. I was impressed by the hand written post card that was placed in my box. This shows me excellent customer service and southern hospitality something that I can relate to since I am from Latta, SC.

I liked the Rx6 pills that you sent me but I would like to have some questions answered. I have a problem with my bell fat. No matter how much I diet and work out my stomach stays the same size but everything else shrinks. This hurts me being in the military because our body fat is measured taking the neck and belly to come out with a percentage. I have been to websites and saw the weight loss section but just getting to the right type is hard enough. Currently I am deployed right now and it isn’t like I can walk into GNC and ask for assistance. Since I saw how much you cared to write a letter I figured that just maybe you could give me some information on the type of supplements and or equipment that I could order from your sight to help me out. Sometimes I find it hard to control my appetite and that is about it. Thanks in advance.


Hey Justin, Thank you first for the order. We greatly appreciate you ordering from us.

Unfortunately, the stomach and back fat are the very last to go on a man. I had to use a diet coach and it took me 10 months to shed 109 lb along with 2 plus hours a day of cardio for the last 3 to 4 months of the diet. I would first highly consider a diet coach who can look at you objectively (as we can’t really do it ourselves when dieting.) and help guide you. The guy I used was Shelby Starnes ( We did carb cycling which is essentially rotating carbs up and down on a daily basis along with protein amounts. This will be the main driver of weight loss. He is reasonable for basic diets. Not selling it here, just know how hard it is and how much help someone on the outside is.

Fat Burner wise if you liked the RX6 then I would roll with that or RoxyLean – both are by bpi. The idea of a fat burner is to raise the body’s temperature thermogenically to release body fat as an energy source. So essentially it uses the central nervous system to stimulate you and then the body temp goes up. Usually the high stimulant fat burners will deaden your appetite as well. You could add in an appetite suppressant too like Top Secret Appetite Suppressant to help control this. Start with one or two things first and see how you do.

Thanks for the question. — Marc

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Cycle for Mass gains


Hello Marc, a month ago I finished my first 4 week cycle of: Halovar, Finaflex 1 Andro, A-hd and Diesel Test. What would you suggest for my 2nd cycle. I would be looking for more mass this time rather than strength. Thanks, Steve


Hey Steve. Ok, there are several options you could try:

Option 1: Real Spawn and DMZ for a jacked up fina flex 550 (which is now banned)

Option 2: Mutantplexx (old megaplexx) with liquid Trenadrol

Option 3: Tri Methyl Extreme by EPG with Alpha One by CEL

Option 4: DecaPro with Alpha One by CEL

For each option you would use Gs Supplements PCT during the cycle, because they are all heavy cycles and you will need anti-estrogen support during. At the end of the cycle you would run these products for your PCT: Metabotest, D-Aspartic Acid and X-Factor by Molecular Nutrition.

Hope this helps, Marc

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Pre-Pre-Meet Prohormone Cycle


Hey Guys! Looking for a list of PH’s that I could either stack or take alone to really increase my overall size and increase my strength? I am 38yrs old and a powerlifter for 18 yrs….. I am 6’2″ and now weigh 265lbs….I hate that I cant get down to 242 anymore or come close to 275 I’m stuck being a in betweener. I’ve done PH’s before when the options in the beginning were limited. Now it’s over whelming with all the choices. I usually compete 3x’s a year now, and fully understand all the side effects of PH’s. Do you guy’s prefer certain PH combos leading up to a meet and others farther away from meet prep/program cycles? Thanks in advance for your help/advice – Sean


Hey Sean

4 to 6 week runs on prohormones are usually what I recommend. It takes 2 to 3 weeks to get in good but you will continue to get stronger for 2 weeks after so you have a longer window. Plan them so they run out about a week before the meet or if that makes you nervous then roll them up to the meet. If you do 6 weeks, plan 12 to 14 off

Best ones to try are:
Tribol 60
Mutate or Sust 250
Real Spawn
Uprizing 2.0
Superdrol (S-Roid, Superbolin are all fine)
Dimethylzine (Xtreme DMZ – two Superdrols bonded together)

My suggestion is to pick 2 of any of the ones listed above and run them over the 6 weeks for a meet.

Other supplements to run during your cycle:
Liver Stabil by Meatbolic Nutrition
A-HD by bpi at 2 caps per day on week 2 of cycle and to end of cycle

For your PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) I would suggest:
Metabotest or Aremedexin PCT with Diesel Test or Supertest

I like them going into a meet personally but what you could do is M1t during for prep phase for 1 to 2weeks bursts with 2 weeks off then run again or take off for 4 to 6 weeks till ph cycle for meet. Plan the burst around very difficult training like really heavy bands, chains, rev bands over 120% etc but remember they take a week or 2 to get in so if your pre meet work is heavy in 3 weeks you would run a burst now. It is a little tricky this way but it enables you to take them over longer periods of time with less time off. I would add in a A-HD by bpi on the off weeks if you burst so a cycle would look like this:

Week 1 and or 2 with M1t
Week 3 to 6 really intense CNS work
Week 7 to 8 A-HD
Week 9 to 10 or 11 M1t
Week 12 to 14 pounding CNS work
off for 4 to 6 weeks
start Prohormone prep for meet 4 to 6 weeks out.

I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any questions – Spud

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Frankenstein Cycle – Mixing the whole medicine chest


Over the past year and a half or so I’ve done two prohormone cycles and have accumulated some supplements that I hope to parlay into one solid cycle. I was hoping someone there could please help me figure out the best combination of supplements to use with what I currently have at my disposal.

A little background:
I am currently 26 years of age, 6’1” tall, 235 pounds, and about 20% body fat. Over the past decade or so I have used everything ranging from general strength training programs to Westside methods, but I currently train four days a week using a 5/3/1 style template. Past cycles were mild, working up to 75mg a day of either Halovar or H-Roid for no more than 5 weeks. Results were good (nothing over the top, but noticeable) and sustainable. I have used Tribulus and BPI A-HD for PCTs and have never noticed any significant side effects. My goal is generally pure strength, but I wouldn’t mind leaning out a bit too (maybe knocking off about 5% body fat, nothing drastic).

Here is what I have available:
Finaflex 1-Andro 2 – 60ct. bottles
Halovar 1 – 60ct. bottle
H-Roid 30 x 25mg capsules (half bottle)
BPI A-HD 1 – 28ct. bottle
Stinging Nettle 90 x 250mg capsules (full botlle NOW brand)
DIM 60 x 100mg capsules (full bottle Olympian Labs brand)
Milke Thistle 60 x 500mg capsules (full bottle Nature’s Science brand)
MRM Liver-X 1 – 60ct. bottle
Tribulus 1000mg capsules, A LOT of them (NOW brand)

So there you have it – how would you suggest I Frankenstein all of that into one really smart cycle? I of course don’t need to use it all at once, anything left over can be used further down the road. I hope this all makes sense and I realize this is probably asking a lot, so no sweat if you can’t help me or just don’t want to. If you do choose to help out please take all the time you need in getting back to me as I have plenty of patience when it comes to getting free advice. Your opinions are both invaluable to me and GREATLY appreciated.


Jeff –

To maximize the strength end you will have to up the the Halodrols. Halodrols are like light Anavar and like Anavar it takes a high dose to get the good results. Your gains will also be very dry with little water retention where a lot of strength comes from with steroids. The Fina 1 will make a big difference and make up for some of the Halodrol dryness. Here is how I would run a cycle:

6 week run
wk1 fina 2 caps, halo 2 caps
wk2 fina 3 cap, halo 3 cap
wk3 fina 4 cap, halo 4 cap
wk4 fina 4 cap, halo 4 cap, stinging nettkle 2 caps
wk5 fina 5 cap, halo 3 cap, stinging nettle, 3 cap
wk6 fina 2 to 3 cap, halo 2 cap, stinging 3 to 4 cap, end of cycle add a-hd one cap a day, trib 4 grams a day
wk 7 to 11 1 cap a-hd, 2 cap dim, trib 4 g a day

The milk thistle and liver x you can run when the dosing gets high in week 3 and 4 then run for one to two weeks after you complete the cycle.

Other supplements I would suggest: 5 grams creatine, 20 grams BCAA’s pre and post training and 100 grams Karbolyn or Vitargo with the post training Creatine and BCAA. Double your protein intake during the entire cycle. You can pull back some of the carbs for the leaning out you want.

On week 9 or 10 add the following:
Vitamin d3
Arachnodic acid (X Factor by Molecular Nutrition)
Beta Alanine 6 grams a day

Let us know how this works for you,

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PH Cycle for Strength and to get ready for Competition in November


I would like to start a prohormone/stack. I have used The One by Applied Nutrition and I had really good results. It came with a post cycle but after it was gone it left me completely wiped out. I didn’t feel like getting off the couch! I am about to start a training cycle for a meet in November. What would you recommend for strength gains? Also what do you recommend for the post cycle?
Thanks Cody


Hey Cody,

The One was a pretty strong prohormone and as you found out the PCT was not enough. You can do a couple of things here. Run a prohormone like a DMZ or Superdrol by itself and get some good results or you can stack it with Fina 1 Andro for a better strength gain stack.

I would recommend running the A-HD by bpi throughout the whole cycle and take either the A-HD and Diesel Test DTP or Metabotest and Diesel Test DTP for your PCT.

Additionally, during the final week of your PCT I would add some re-sensitizing supplements like Creatine, Beta Alanine, BCAA’s, and Vitamin d3. Also if you have the budget, run the X-Factor by Molecular Nutrition.

Each of these has it part in maintaining gains and limiting the lethargic time after you finish the ph. The minimum should be the pct run but the off cycle run of basic supplements will make a big difference in recovery and preparing for your next run.


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Tired Hamstrings after a Workout…What to do?


Hi, I have been training for 2 years now and have within the last 4 months added sled pulling to my weekly work. I do total body training 3 days a week and either Dell’s sledge hammer workout or sled pulling (30 min) the other 2 days. My hamstrings constantly feel weak and tired. The rest of my body seems to recover ok. I am not sure if this effects anything but my job requires me to drive for several hours a day (up to three hours at a time). I stretch often and am pretty flexible. Any recommendations that would help my situation are very much appreciated.


Sounds like they are staying tight from what you were talking about driving for several hours a day. I would get some electrolytes like Hylytes and start taking those. Also, make sure you are taking in extra BCAA’s and Glutamine like Xtend by Scivation. If they are staying tired then this will help.

When you are done training daily, get on a foam roller and roll your hamstrings. Do this when you do your stretching too, it will help a lot.

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